Science Communication

Demonstrations of our XRL Robot
We've had the opportunity to use the robot for several exciting outreach events. Two of these were at the Science Museum in London, with a further event at the Westminster School in London. We displayed the robot to curious and engaging youngsters as part of an Antenna Gallery exhibition (below left; photo credit Jennie Hills, Science Museum), and then went on to demonstrate the robot as part of the Europe-wide Robotville Festival (below right; photo credit Michelle Reeve). This festival featured 22 of the most exciting robots from acros Europe. We demonstrated the running, rubble conquering XRL robot to nearly 8000 visitors over four full days, and gave two overview talks during these visits. The event was covered live on national television, and garnered wide publicity.


Media coverage
We do our best to present our science to the broader public in a clear, relevant way, and have been fortunate to be featured in the New York Times, Science Magazine, the Curious Neuron Blog, and on Discover Magazine. A full list of the media coverage for our group can be found in my CV.